Nonlinear equation of quark-gluon cascade

  • A.T. Temiraliev Institute of Physics and Technology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • I.A. Lebedev Institute of Physics and Technology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • A.K. Danlybaeva Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakstan, Almaty


On the basis of experimental data on the structural functions of hadrons using the method of Poincare sections we introduce the nonlinear equation of quark-gluon cascade via recurrence relation taking into account merge processes of quarks and gluons. Introduced a discrete map is based on the hypothesis of self-similarity of the evolution of the quark-gluon structure of hadron and the evolution operator are the distribution of quarks and gluons. It is speculated that stochastic quantum fluctuations in strongly correlated quark-gluon system describes the so-called deterministic chaotic dynamics. Carried out fractal analysis of emerging structures (attractors), which stability is determined by Lyapunov exponents. The formation of stable structures in nonlinear quark-gluon evolution, apparently, is connected with the mechanism of hadronization.


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TEMIRALIEV, A.T.; LEBEDEV, I.A.; DANLYBAEVA, A.K.. Nonlinear equation of quark-gluon cascade. Recent Contributions to Physics (Rec.Contr.Phys.), [S.l.], v. 61, n. 2, p. 115-119, oct. 2017. ISSN 2663-2276. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 oct. 2020.
Nonlinear Physics. Radiophysics

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