Effects of refraction in the scattering of α-particles and 3He on 14N nuclei at energies about 50 MeV

  • A. Duisebayev Institute of Nuclear Physics ME RK, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • B.A. Duisebayev Institute of Nuclear Physics ME RK, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • T.K. Zholdybayev Institute of Nuclear Physics ME RK, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • M. Nassurlla Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakstan, Almaty
  • B.M. Sadykov Institute of Nuclear Physics ME RK, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • S.B. Sakuta NRC "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow, Russia


The study of elastic and quasi-elastic processes of particles and nuclei with nuclei interaction remains one of the priority areas of nuclear physics, since they provide the information on structural characteristics of nuclei and the mechanisms of colliding systems interaction. The elastic and inelastic scattering of α-particles with energy 48,2 MeV and 3He ions with energies 50 and 60 MeV on 14N nuclei with excitation states 3,95 MeV (1+) and 7,03 MeV (2+) have been carried out. Analysis of the angular distributions was performed using methods of coupled channel and the distorted-waves. Good descriptions of experimental data were obtained in the full range of angles with potentials having the volume integrals in the range 400 – 500 Fm3×MeV. In the measured angular distributions of elastic scattering are clearly evident of rainbow scattering effects due to the refractive properties of the real nuclear potential. The resulting information assists to understand the processes of interaction of complex particles with nuclei, identification of various mechanisms in the formation of the scattering cross section, obtaining information about the nucleus structure and can be used in the studies of a wide class on nuclear reactions involving 3He and 4He ions.


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